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Retro UNIX 386 v1 youtube demos:

Retro UNIX 386 v1 - Kernel v0.2.0.15 Serial Port Demo (Real Computers)

Retro UNIX 386 v1 - Kernel v0.2.0.14 running on a real computer


RETRO UNIX 386 v1.1 (14 byte file names, improved shell) :


             Complete kernel source code: Retro UNIX 386 v1.1 - Kernel v0.2.1.0 Source Code.pdf

unix386.txt (recent kernel code -listing-)  Kernel v0.2.1. runix386_v1_1_kernel_listing.pdf


             Others: runix386v1.1_kernel_src

Bootable floopy disk image:   fd0.img


type "unix" at boot prompt then type ESC key or ENTER key when it is requested

(Retro UNIX 386 v1 Kernel v0.2.1.0 will run)
type ALT + F2, ALT + F3, ALT + F1, ALT + F4 ... ALT + F8 keys for multiscreen test

At first, /bin/sh will run (if you press ESC key when it is requested); then you can write 'ls -l .' at the command prompt (/bin/ls will run);

other test programs: /usr/bin/hello, /erdogan/args, /erdogan/forktest, /erdogan/ttydemo, /erdogan/scancode.


Note: Type '?' at boot prompt to see valid boot commands

ALL FILES: www.singlix.com/runix/

Retro UNIX 386 v1 Operating System (February 4, 2016) : (8 byte file names)

Files: runix386v1_05_03_2016.zip

Listing: unix386.txt (Kernel v0.2.0.17)

Complete kernel source code: Retro UNIX 386 v1 - Kernel v0.2.0.17 Source Code.pdf

Others: runix386v1_kernel_src

Programming Documents: ../trdos/archive/

/// DOS Terminal Program (115200 baud): serial6.asm seria6.com
/// Bootable DOS floppy disk with SERIAL6.COM:
A.img (1.44 MB)


Last Update: 27/09/2021