Akdeniz Turu'na devam...Erdogan Tan's 1999 Mediterranean Sea Side Tour

TOUR ROUTEIn 1980s, I had decided to visit all of south-west Anatolia coast line; but, I had not got car and money to do it.

In 1997, I bought an old car with big (1700 cc, 103 HP) motor. Specially for long-distance driving. I would drive to Mediterranean Sea Coast Line from Istanbul or Zonguldak in 1998. But i could not realize it.

In July 1999, my relative Ertan Tan came to my house in Istanbul for joining my tour. As two single young men, we started the tour on indirect (longer) way, from Istanbul to Gelibolu and so on. Because, I wanted to see western Anatolia coast line. That was expensive but I had to do it at least, for one time. (I spent 8 tanks or 376 liters gasoline for 3801 kilometers driving).

At the morning of July 27, 1999 (At 8:30 a.m.); we left the house for driving to Gelibolu. We arrived to Eceabat town (after Gelibolu town) at noon. We passed the Dardanelles via ferry, to Çanakkale town.

Following the Çanakkale-Izmir road, we arrived to Karsiyaka ward of Izmir at about 17:30 (5:30 p.m.). Without waiting in Izmir, I drove to Bodrum. At the evening of July 27, we arrived Bodrum town (at about 8:00 p.m.). At first, we met Ertan's cousin. She was working and living there. We had dinner with she and her husband in Bodrum center.

From the night to noon of afterday, we could not find a free room at hotels. I drove to the hill which has old wind-mills. I parked the car on the hill. We slept in the car. At the noon, we found a free room at Hotel Salmakis. It was an expensive (for domestic tourists) hotel with 4 stars and very nice hotel at very nice corner of Bodrum. (The hotel is on road between town center and wind-mill hill.)

We stayed at the hotel for 2 days and left Bodrum at afternoon of July 30. I drove Marmaris. We saw Marmaris and returned to Koycegiz-Fethiye road again. So, we arrived Fethiye at the evening and after visiting Oludeniz beach, we went to look for Hotel in Hisaronu ward (between Oludeniz ward and Fethiye town). We stayed Hotel Pinara for 2 days. At noon of August 1, we left Fethiye and I drove to Antalya. We left main road just after Fethiye, to see Saklikent canyon. After seeing that wonderful place, we returned to main road, again; and, I drove to Antalya. But, there was a wonderful ancient place (on our way), too. We visited Patara (one of ancient Lykia sites). I had never seen such nice beach before. (Even if Zonguldak-Bartin coast line has same nice natural beaches, Patara is better than them). Also, Patara was very nice site in old times. Geographic position and natural arrangement of Patara is very good.

While we were returning on to Antalya direction, two Romanian university students (boy-girl friends) asked to come with us. They were geology students and they had wanted to see Olympos (Olimpos) ancient site on Antalya road (Olimpos/Çirali road separation is about 1 hour by car before Antalya on Fethiye-Antalya road).

We left them on Çirali (village) road junction. We arrived Antalya at early evening of August 1, 1999. We visited Side, Manavgat and Alanya. After looking for a good hotel which have free rooms in around Side, we returned Alanya. And, at the midnight, after a long looking for, we found (decided to stay at) a cheap hotel on sea side of Konakli ward, just before Alanya. We stayed for 3 days at Hotel Angora in Konakli/Alanya. At the morning of August 2, 1999; I drove to Anamur to see most southern end of Turkey. I stoped the car at most near point to Anamur Cape. Natural view was very nice on Antalya-Anamur road and Anamur Cape. Just after the cape, we visited ancient Anemurion site. Because of long distance to Alanya (we would visit Manavgat and Kursunlu, Duden waterfalls and Aspendos in Antalya region), I did not drive to Anamur town; and, we returned Alanya, without stopping, I directly drove to Manavgat and so on.

At noon of August 4, 1999; we left Hotel Angora. I left Ertan at Bus terminal. He went to Zonguldak by bus; and, before return to Istanbul, I visited Olympos. (In 1999, i did not know Phaselis how much nice. And, that was a pity, I by-passed Phaselis. In 2000, I visited Phaselis two times and I saw ancient Olympos remains as first time; and, the flames of Chimaera as first time.)

At 17:20 (5:20 p.m.) of August 4, 1999; I left Antalya and I returned to Istanbul by following Burdur-Afyon-Kutahya-Bilecik-Adapazari road. I arrived Pamukova town at 0:30 a.m. I continued to drive to Istanbul but could not drive more after Çayirova/Gebze region. I had to sleep. I parked the car and slept at 1:30 a.m. of August 5. Afterday, I drove to home at 8:30 a.m.

I took many photos (by using my ZENIT camera) during the tour with 3801 kilometers lenght. I think I spent 6 Kodak films (with 36 poses) for those photographs. The cost of "1999 Akdeniz Tour" was about $500 cash plus 8 tanks gasoline (I used credit card for gasoline/benzin) to me.

I did not think (I could not guess) that I would over those kilometers (3815 against 3801) and cost ($1000 against $750) limits, just, in one year (in 2000).

Erdogan Tan, 23/4/2001