Above video demonstrates TRDOS 386 operating system while running. This is an early development time demo. TRDOS 386 kernel is based on 'Retro UNIX 386 v1.1' (2016) protected mode memory and process management methods and TRDOS v1 (x86 real mode, 2011) kernel features.  (Erdogan Tan, 2016)

  TRDOS 386 QEMU demo files

TRDOS 386 Timer Int CallBack (ring 3) demo

  TRDOS 386 - Source Code

TRDOS 386 v2.0 Kernel Source Code Listing



     TRDOS 386 QEMU demo files

Last Update: 27/12/2017 (TRDOS 386 FAT FS initialization update is OK!)Mogollar 7-8 9-8 instrumental 1975